ERROR 0x6e: Connection timed out

alles rund um die EXT
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ERROR 0x6e: Connection timed out

Beitragvon Tecs » Mi 25. Mär 2015, 21:40 hat geschrieben:hi all,
not work for me :(
The best result I have is "ERROR 0x6e: Connection timed out"
I have check all params lot of time and all are ok (I use same params with a TS client AND an other viewer).
Don't know why it don't want to connect :roll:

Your webhoster probably blocks external connections (or certain connections at least).
Your server's firewall might also block the connection.

These are the default ports used by TeamSpeak 3:

Default voice port (UDP in): 9987
Default filetransfer port (TCP in): 30033
Default serverquery port (TCP in): 10011
Default tsdns port (TCP in): 41144
Default weblist port (UDP out): 2011-2110 (first available port in given range)

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